Available Oxfordshire Paintings

fullsizeoutput_179.jpegFrosty Walk to The Hurst, Watercolour, 39.5  x 39.5 cm

fullsizeoutput_175.jpegBack Abbey with Heron, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_160Bright Sun on The East End, Watercolour A3

fullsizeoutput_15fBrightwell Barrow Through The Willows, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_14dTeasels and Willows and Snow, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_13f.jpegThe Path above Blewbury , A3 Watercolour

P1080189Watling Lane, Watercolour A3


P1080144Swyncombe Down, Watercolour, 35×51 cm


P1080143Flower Explosion, Watercolour, 41×31 cm

P1080057The Hurst.  Watercolour, 41 x 31cm

P1080055Lily Pads, watercolour and wax, 36x40cm.

P1080052Early Morning on The Hurst, 30 x 40 cm, watercolour

P1080051Buttercups, Morning, Hurst. 40x30cm, watercolour.

P1080047Dandelion Clocks and Cow Parsley, 33 x 43cm

P1080045Woodland ZigZags 50 x 36cm (ish) Watercolour

P1080042The Oval Window, watercolour and wax, 34 x 33cm

P1080032Blackthorn Lights, Watercolour A3

P1080027Green Windows and Blackthorn Blossom, Watercolour, A3

P1080020The Pollards, Watercolour and wax, 55x36cm

p1080017What’s he Done to The Willows? 2 Watercolour and wax 53 x 38cm

p1080016Rain and Teasels, Watercolour and Wax, 53 x 38cm

p1080014Winter Lights, watercolour, 48 x 37cm

p1080010Hogweed Skeletons and The Thame. watercolour and wax, 38x44cm

p1080009Bright Water,  Watercolour and gesso on board, A3

p1080001Larks and Smoke, gesso, watercolour and wax on board, A3.


p1070961What’s He Done To The Willow Trees?  Watercolour and Wax, 55 x 35.5cm

p1070943Little Whittenham Teasels, watercolour, chalk, wax, 26 x 36.5cm




p1070937Picnic on The Clump, watercolour and wax, 23 x 31cm




p1070908Frost and Mist and Teasels, watercolour and wax, image size: 55 x 36.5 cm

p1070909Dyke and Teasels, A3 watercolour and Wax


p1070928Where is That Kingfisher? watercolour, 55.5 x 37cm


p1070930Backlit Teasels, Watercolour and wax, 37 x 44cm


p1070934Hoarfrost on The Feather Plants, Watercolour and wax, 38 x 49cm,

p1070907First Light on The Hoar Frost, watercolour and wax, 48 x 38.5 cm


p1070905Dyke Hills, January Morning, Watercolour and wax 38.5 x 43cm


p1070904Morning Light and Hoar Frost, Watercolour, Wax and pencil, 28 x 48.5cm

p1070902Clump Sunset 38x57cm (ish)



p1070899Looking up Watling Lane on a Wet Afternoon watercolour, 36.5 x 22cm

p1070898Willow Silhouettes at Sunrise, Watercolour on paper, 41 x 28.5 cm (image size)


p1070897p1070896Blackberrying With Pempem, Watercolour and gesso on board, 30x42cm


p1070895Whittenham Clump at Dawn


p1070894Teasels and Pillbox Watercolour on paper 44 x 38cm


p1070892Unexpected Rainbow, watercolour and gesso on board. 30 x 42cm