Autumn Light Paintings

Turning Leaves in Hermitage, A3 Watercolour
Concorde, A3 Watercolour

Windy walk above Britwell Salome, watercolour 36 x 49cm

The Trap Grounds, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_b66Turville Heath tree and Orange Leaves 2, watercolour, 37x52cm

fullsizeoutput_b47Turville Tree and Orange leaves, 37cmx52cm, watercolour

fullsizeoutput_b24November Beech Wood 1 watercolour 38x57cm

fullsizeoutput_b07November Beech Wood 2 37x52cm

fullsizeoutput_b06November Beech Wood 3 37x52cm

fullsizeoutput_ab9Morning Mists, Tuscany, 6  A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_a9eMorning Mists, Tuscany, 5  A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_a9fMorning Mists, Tuscany, 4  A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_a94Morning Mists, Tuscany, 3  A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_a92Morning Mists, Tuscany, 2  A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_a96Morning Mists, Tuscany, 1  A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_513November Beeches 5, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_514November Beeches 4, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_515November Beeches 3, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_4f0November Beeches 1, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_4f1November Beeches, 2, watercolour A3