P1080048“Nature is too Brightly Lit and Too Green”. Discuss. Not if you get up early enough. May 24th


Early Morning Shadows just going into The Hurst. Painting to come….`May 26thP1080049.jpg

Moon Set Over Round Hill, 22nd MarchP1080031

Bright Light on the Blackthorn Blossom, Castle Hill, 22nd MarchP1080029

beautiful colours: early morning sun and blackthorn blossom.P1080025

Choosing the paintings to go the the framer today…..P1080024Very windy this morning. Going to see if I can keep the sense of sway and movement…..p1070998This glorious morning, with larks.p1070963

want to keep this as delicate loose and duo chrome as possible… delicate as lark-song.