Summer Light Paintings

91639DFB-1DF2-42D6-AB4D-E8178DDE4A1BTrunk Shadows 8, Mounted watercolour9EC8230A-2E1F-4BDE-99FC-A0D191277BFDSpotlit Trunk, A4 Mounted watercolour

1B96B3C6-FB8E-4CEB-8C2C-88DF2E942528Beech Trunk Shadows,7. A4 mounted watercolour

E63BD70F-0487-4987-B18C-EE39EDAE0688_1_201_aGrandmother’s Footsteps with the seals, Bardsey Island, watercolour, A2

564C195C-B299-457B-B5C7-FA0F4121A1E4_1_201_aTide in, Bardsey Island, Watercolour, A3

C1EB317E-34D3-4D59-9DE8-62B852EC7D95_1_201_aTide Out, Bardsey Island, Watercolour, A3


CEB6B1AE-404A-4A65-96B0-CE0E13AE3B70_1_201_aBeech Trunk Shadows 6, Mounted Watercolour, image size 21x28cm

CB1814F9-1675-4028-ABA3-F45433446BEDBeech Trunk Shadows 5, Mounted Watercolour, image size 21x28cm

5CDB8C4D-DB48-465B-9D4F-4742C04AA442_1_201_aBeech Trunk Shadows 4, Mounted Watercolour, image size 21x28cm

61E3988C-C262-4CF9-8704-F54F1885C0FD_1_201_aBeech Trunk Shadows 3, Mounted Watercolour, image size 21x28cm

IMG_0290Beech Trunk Shadows 2, Mounted Watercolour, image size 21x28cm

60B229C5-FDC1-458E-B379-4A6676110912Beech Trunk Shadows 1, Mounted Watercolour, image size 21x28cm

fullsizeoutput_9a8Walking up from The Blue Lagoon, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_9aaPen Cristin, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_9b0Sunlit Thrift, Bardsey 35cm x 55 cm

fullsizeoutput_9baSunspots and Waves, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_878.jpegSummer Green Thame, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_869.jpegThames River 3, watercolour, 13″x18″

fullsizeoutput_84eThame River 1, Watercolour, 13×18″

fullsizeoutput_84fThame River 2, Watercolour 13×18″

fullsizeoutput_3cbSun Scorched Fields, Bardsey. A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_3caTrack through the North Fields, Bardsey, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_2f0Hot Afternoon by The Thames, A3 Watercolour

P1080047Dandelion Clocks and Cow Parsley, 33 x 43cm

P1080052early morning on The Hurst A3 watercolour