Winter Light Paintings

Broken Ice 3, A3 Watercolour
Broken Ice 2, A3 Watercolour
Broken Ice 1, A3 watercolour
Floods, Rain Reflection 2, A3 Watercolour
Flooded Path, Morning Sun, A3 Watercolour
Fallen Willow, River and Snow, A3 Watercolour
Floods, Rain, Reflections, A3 Watercolour
Floods behind the Abbey, A3 watercolour
Swyncombe Snowberries, Watercolour, 33x55cm

Miss Haversham, dancing. A3 Watercolour
Turn Right off the Ridgeway, A3 watercolour

8361821A-C21C-457C-8BB4-4DECA520239B_1_201_aMorning Fruitcage 4, 37x51cm 0DA1B44B-D551-4AF0-80C6-09925200CB3C_1_201_aMorning Fruitcage 3, A3

1B9721AD-467A-4198-B92E-4E856A232C25_1_201_aMorning Fruitcage 2

DB8B9121-562D-4083-B694-BFE1735A1BF5_1_201_aMorning Fruit Cage 1 , 37x51cm

fullsizeoutput_c28Through the trees to the River A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_c27Sparkling Kale Net, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_befFrosty Morning Fruit Cage 1, Watercolour, 46x38cm

fullsizeoutput_bf9Frosty Misty Morning Fruit Cage 2, watercolour, 49x37cm

fullsizeoutput_675Hoarfrost on Thames Willows 3, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_673Hoarfrost on Thames Willows 4, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_68fHoarfrost on Thames Willows 5, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_661Hoarfrost on Thames Willows 1, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_662Hoarfrost on Thames Willows 2, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_628.jpegHoarfrost on Teasels, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_614First light on The River Bank, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_5deFenceposts, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_5dfSnowfields and Anthills, Swyncombe, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_5e1Still Thames and Catkins, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_583Little Wittenham Willows, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_585Thames Path, A3 watercolour