Winter Light Paintings

8361821A-C21C-457C-8BB4-4DECA520239B_1_201_aMorning Fruitcage 4, 37x51cm 0DA1B44B-D551-4AF0-80C6-09925200CB3C_1_201_aMorning Fruitcage 3, A3

1B9721AD-467A-4198-B92E-4E856A232C25_1_201_aMorning Fruitcage 2

DB8B9121-562D-4083-B694-BFE1735A1BF5_1_201_aMorning Fruit Cage 1 , 37x51cm

fullsizeoutput_c28Through the trees to the River A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_c27Sparkling Kale Net, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_befFrosty Morning Fruit Cage 1, Watercolour, 46x38cm

fullsizeoutput_bf9Frosty Misty Morning Fruit Cage 2, watercolour, 49x37cm

fullsizeoutput_675Hoarfrost on Thames Willows 3, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_673Hoarfrost on Thames Willows 4, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_68fHoarfrost on Thames Willows 5, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_661Hoarfrost on Thames Willows 1, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_662Hoarfrost on Thames Willows 2, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_628.jpegHoarfrost on Teasels, A3 watercolour

fullsizeoutput_614First light on The River Bank, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_5deFenceposts, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_5dfSnowfields and Anthills, Swyncombe, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_5e1Still Thames and Catkins, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_583Little Wittenham Willows, A3 Watercolour

fullsizeoutput_585Thames Path, A3 watercolour