2 thoughts on “The cypress against the morning sky

  1. I love this one. (and its originator) xxxxx On Mar 26, 2014 8:36 PM, “sophiaspaintings” wrote:

    > sophiasl posted: “”

  2. Dare I say what a striking picture? a window of light glowing through the grey! (No, I’m sure you love your job.)
    This is another one I could live with and look at every day. We had a magnificent red sunset last night, the hills stark black against sea and sky, and I was almost inspired by your example to pick up a paintbrush… This blog must be having a similar effect on everybody who views it regularly, as I do – late at night I wait for today’s painting to drop into the inbox, or open it in the morning with real anticipation. It’s very like a journal of moods and impressions, with interesting insights into your life.
    Col the Philistine says more Stevie and less hornbeam please, and he thinks you catch the dog’s expression so well, what about some people too. (Just passing it on.)

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