6 thoughts on “MoonSet

  1. Among a feast of paintings, (wonderful to share them) I’ve decided this is my favourite, It’s captured a magic moment :makes me feel like a child who’d skip or gallop an imaginary horse towards the moon!
    I always feel like this walking down through the fields towards Traeth Ffynnon; though of course there the land curves down to the sea. It feels like a mysterious discovered place. How marvellous that you have found so many lovely ones.

  2. Dear Christine, so sorry, a social whirlwind and builder disorder to blame for delay. Thank you for your kindest and encouraging comments. Yes, we are feeling very lucky in our new whereabouts. These are some bronze age dykes that were built to protect the settlement that is now Dorchester. They are very atmospheric, and I am loving painting there. Something about them send our ageing stiffening Stevie into paroxysms of youthful delight. (Might be the rabbits, but I fancy it’s the aeons of history). Sadly a new London-Based London-Mentality Farmer’s bought them and plans to fence them off. I am painting as much as possible there before access is denied.
    Happy New Year to all Evans Folk.
    x S

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